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Birthday Shopping Spree Week: Thrifted Handbags

Birthdays are a big deal for me. It's that rare time of year that I will treat myself with the gift money I receive.

I am not someone who will just buy herself what she wants; I wait until I have pharmacy rewards at CVS to buy a new mascara or box of hair dye. I almost only rent from Redbox when I have a discount code. If a store sends me a coupon for $5 off a $5 or more purchase, you better believe I will find something I need between $5 and $6. When a new album comes out I want, again, I wait until Christmas or my birthday to ask for it. And although I have a pretty sizable wardrobe, it's been accumulated over many years, and it's cost me very little.

Some people would call me cheap; I prefer thrifty, of course.

For me, retail therapy is real and thrilling. I get a high out of scoring great deals and finding the items on my list of "need/want when I have the money" that I keep on my little, dated slider phone.

On my wish list: 
  • Red, rectangular vintage handbag with snap or button closure
  • Semi-formal cobalt or royal blue dress
  • Belle dress I saw at Hot Topic
  • Black jeggings or skinny jeans
  • Quality bra
  • Comfortable but cute top
  • Red blazer
  • Belts for dresses

I could also use a few replacements:
  • Black knit tights like my favorite pair that my dog scratched holes in when she couldn't contain her Jack Russell enthusiasm and jumped all over my legs because I came home after hours away. 
  • Sexy red heels that won't cause pain like the pair I currently squeeze my feet into. 
  • Shapewear that won't ride up my butt like a middle school locker room wedgie.

While I don't expect to get everything on my idea list, I've been ticking items off with ease and money to spare.

And thus I bring you, a week of posts celebrating my thrifty, birthday shopping spree.

The Handbags:

I've wanted a specific style of handbag for years. At one point, I invested serious time comparing vintage red purses on Etsy, only to decide that when I added in the shipping, I couldn't talk myself into hitting the buy button.

Then yesterday, I walked into the Citrus Heights Eco Thrift, turned left into the alcove of accessories and immediately spotted it.

Whether it's truly vintage or not, I don't know, don't really care. It's not marked, but it's in fantastic shape and was only $7. Sold.

I also picked up this zebra-print, envelope clutch at The Thrift Store on Auburn/Greenback for 60 cents.  I like that although it's a clutch, it's not tiny. At 10 inches in length and 6 inches in height, it can realistically carry the essentials. Plus it has hooks on the inside to add a strap.  


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