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Chalk It Up 2016 in Sacramento

Labor Day weekend means Chalk It Up in Sacramento. In anticipation of the three-day chalk art and live music festival returning to Fremont Park September 2 - 4, I did a quick search of my blog to find past posts. To my surprise, nothing popped up for Chalk It Up 2016. I remembered taking pictures, which a quick look into my computer folders confirmed. And then I remembered why I never shared them. 
Last year I arrived home from Chalk It Up to a post on Facebook breaking the awful news that beloved Sacramento photographer, writer and all-around great guy, Barry Wisdom, had passed away. Barry was an avid reader of my blog and even suggested the name, so in his honor, here are some pictures from last year. These Chalk It Up 2016 pictures are just quick snaps from a dated cell phone, but I feel like Barry being supportive Barry would have "liked" them anyway. 

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How to Upcycle a TV Stand to Entryway Table

I'm the kind of gal that decorates for all the holidays and all the seasons. And in my opinion, one of the best ways to transition from winter decor to Valentine's Day decor and from Valentine's Day to Easter decor and so on through the year is with the changes to the entryway decor.

My problem, however, was that I didn't actually have an entryway table, and I wasn't going to spend money on one. Until I could find an entryway table (or something to upcycle into one) for free, I used TV trays for my entryway table. My entryway wall is so small -- about 18 inches deep and 44 inches wide -- that two TV trays filled the space nicely, but I wanted something sturdier and with shelves.

After much Craigslist hunting, I finally found a free solution that would actually fit my small entryway space: a TV entertainment center in a mid-century modern style.

When I picked it up (less than 10 minutes from my house, score!), it was an ugly brown and had a cheap backing. I popped …

Save Ferris at Harlow's in Sacramento: Crowd Brings Singer to Tears, Music Takes Writer Down Memory Lane

Twenty years ago when Save Ferris hit the mainstream with the ska release It Means Everything, I hit play over and over on my portable boom box. Monique 'Mo' Powell was everything to me. Here was a frontwoman who had the pipes to really belt it, singing lyrics I related to (or thought I did at 13 to 14 years of age) backed by a horn and rhythm section that put me in the groove to dance. Mo was the epitome of hip in my heavily mascaraed blue eyes.

I was so enamored with the band that when I had an assignment to give an oral presentation of a poem or song that represented a certain literary style, I cracked up my teacher with a dramatic reading of "SPAM." (It's pink and it's oval. SPAM! I buy it at the mobile. SPAM! It's made in Chernobyl.) I can only guess I used the song as an example of rhyme. (I do remember I read Green Day's,"Hitchin' A Ride" for its alliteration, one of my favorite stylistic devices.)

Not long after bringing Save Fer…

Thrifty Thursday Revival: The Little Black Dress

I am a bad blogger ... in my personal life, at least. I blog professionally for a number of companies, and my clients love me. I hit my deadlines, create engaging content, and drive traffic. I write for newspapers, magazines and online publications. I ghostwrite for doctors, veterinarians and lawyers. And when the workday ends (usually sometime in the wee hours of the morning), I just don't feel like writing about myself. I'd rather binge Fargo season 2 on Hulu than make my aching hands and wrists type another word.

But I finished Fargo last night; the prescription pain pills for my arthritis and tendinitis are helping, and I did just have a birthday and score some killer thrifty deals. Plus, my friend Barry Wisdom, who passed away in September, was my biggest cheerleader for this blog; he helped me name it, and I know he'd want to me keep on writing on. And so without further pontificating, I present the revival of Thrifty Thursdays.

For my 33rd birthday, I treated myself…

Halloween Decor 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- Halloween! For 2016, our outside Halloween decor covers more ground, literally. Over the summer, my front lawn got a DIY drought tolerance makeover; we ripped out much of the grass and replaced it with bark. The new drought-friendly bark allowed us to turn the entire yard into a cemetery; two cemeteries to be exact.
Take a tour of a haunted Halloween decor.

I did a twist on my popular Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington garage. He's feeling a little red this year. I used Duck Tape and poster board (99 Cent Store FTW) that I had on hand. I plan on leaving him up through Christmas.

Our pet sematary is a nod to the Ramones and Stephen King, naturally.  The flying Halloween monster is always a hit with the trick-or-treaters.

The pet sematary is across from the larger, human cemetery. 

Troubleshooting the Apply Changes Error on Blogger's Template

Did your blog on stop accepting updates to the template? Has it been driving you insane? Have you tried the help board, read different blogs and watched YouTube for help?

If so, I was you.

Months ago, I decided to change the format of my blog to the Dynamic Views template. I changed the template, no problem. But then I wanted to customize it. And after making my customizations (such as increasing the blog's font size) and clicking "Apply to Blog" nothing would happen. So I decided to change to a different blogger template -- the other formats allow you to run more ads, anyway -- and again, I'd click "Apply to Blog" and nada.

I read all of the tips.
-- One blog suggested turning on the mobile template. Of course mine was already on.
-- A second blog offered directions on how to get your blog back to the factory settings, so to speak, but I couldn't get *any* changes to take within the Blogger system.
--Another blog said to go into "Ed…

Outdoor Decorating with Chalk and Fabric Flowers

There's a reason our nicknames are Lauraroni & Aaroncheese; we're the cheesiest.

I laugh at my husband's cheesy jokes. I coax my husband into indulging in cheesy, sappy movies with me. And I like cheesy gifts.

This is why I've held onto my collection of fabric, bendable flowers gifted from my husband.

It all started when we were first dating in the summer of 2004. We went thrifting and Aaron found a fabric flower. Naturally, he bought it for me. He said it was the first flower he'd ever bought a girl. I loved it.That silly little flower made 20-year-old me smile.

On a later thrifting trip, another flower was found. And so began the tradition of Aaron buying me fabric flowers.