Birthday Shopping Spree Week: Practical Deals

Being a responsible adult means choosing the practical, no frills bra you really need over the cute sundress, or even the oh-em-gee so cute polka-dot Tommy Hilfiger push-up bra with lace trim.

I am a responsible adult. With mad shopping skills.

For my birthday, Kohl's sent me a coupon for $10 off anything, no exclusions. Bless you, Kohl's.

After browsing the bra section and wrinkling my nose at the weak-tea buy one, get one half-off sale, I sauntered over to the clearance intimates section and found a black Bali bra. Normally $40, it was on clearance for $12. After my coupon, I paid $2.16. That's what I call a score.

I still needed a basic white bra, and I was also interested in a sports bra. I only had about $8 left from my original $50 birthday gift.

I comprised between a sports bra and a white wire bra and got a Warner's brand wireless bra with lift, and good, supportive straps from Ross for $12.15 total. I can stomach going $4 over my birthday cash for such a great haul.

So for just under $55 total, my birthday haul included:

1. Thrifted red vintage handbag 2. New black bra 3. New henley polka dot top 4. Thrifted red blazer 5. New white bra 6. Thrifted zebra clutch 7. New black jeggings 8. Thrifted teal sundress 9. New royal blue dressy dress

I also used my $3 CVS Beauty Club Birthday Rewards combined with my $5 CVS Pharmacy Rewards to buy 8 new hair accessories for $1.60 total.

Not too shabby.