Thrifty Thursday: Mid-Century Craigslist Scores

When it comes to acquiring new furniture for the house, I have two rules I almost always follow.

  1. The new piece has to be free or under $11.
  2. Otherwise, I have to sell something I already have to pay for the new piece. And then it still has to be a stellar deal.

For example:

When I wanted a different chair in the family room, I sold our rocking chair (picked up for free, 5 minutes away) for $35 and bought this cushy, zebra print chair for $20.

Because I'm diligent about following my self-imposed rules, I sometimes wait a bit to get what I want, especially since I'm picky and obsessive-compulsive about matching.

Lately, I've been frustrated using with my hope chest as a coffee table in the living room.

We use baskets and decorative boxes to hold all our stuff, but those storage containers take up a lot of space atop the chest. That's space where our feet and cups like to go. And even with the top of the chest cleared, we still have limited to space to both kick up our feet. Basically, we have to sit close together to stretch out.

Not to mention, the chest is kind of a pain to move, and we have to move it several times a week to exercise.

I wanted a coffee table that would be longer than the hope chest, have a drawer, and be simple to move around.

Finding something on the inexpensive side that would match the shade and style of our cherry mid-century furniture proved to be a challenge. 

Until it didn't.

On Tuesday I punched in my parameters on Craigslist, and there it was at the top of the page. A mid-century coffee table and end table set for $50 that looked very similar to the end table I already had, although lighter in color; however, being the Craigslist expert I am, I knew there was a good chance it was darker in person. The seller said it was indeed darker in person, and so we headed to check it out, with Craigslist profit in hand from selling an old, free dresser taking up space in our garage.

I could not believe how perfect the set was in person. Not only was it darker than the picture showed, but it was the exact same cherry as my end table, with similar wheels and drawer pulls. The set is in fantastic shape for its age. It had been in the seller's family a long time, and it was obvious there was a bit of sentimental attachment involved.

I promised the family I would take good care of the tables. So if you come to my house and don't use one of my cute coasters, prepare to feel my wrath.

Gizmo inspects the two new pieces on either side of the $10 end table I already had.

The table is about a foot longer than the hope chest.

I finally have a spot for my coffee table books.
And we finally have a dedicated spot for remotes and coasters. 
My husband is not-so-bad at finding deals, either. He knew I needed another tall vase, so he picked up this lovely vase from a thrift store for a few bucks. He didn't even realize it was Mikasa, the same as our wedding China. I think my Valentine's flowers look great in it.