Thrifty Thursday: Getting My Prep On

I admit it. Sometimes I dig the prep look, especially when it's the preppy sailing style. 

I also appreciate the simple sophistication a blazer adds to an outfit.

My prep-inspired outfit was for a Saturday shopping date with the husband. I like to think that if I dress a little nicer, employees will treat me a little better when I'm out shopping, but this theory has yet to be proven.

When you look as young as I do, employees have this way of ignoring you while offering assistance to customers who appear older. I guess adding a blazer to an outfit isn't enough to overcome my baby face. But I digress ...

I paired this Jones Studio blazer from Thrift Town ($4) with an AB Studio top (gift from Kohl's), Merona skinny jeans ($12 Target), shiny black ballet flats (Payless) and shiny black Esprit hand bag (Thrift Town, $2, I believe).