Thrifty Thursday: Sweater Love

In keeping with my resolution to blog more, I'm instituting Thrifty Thursdays, where I'll show off my thrifted outfits for the past week or any cool, new thrift finds.

Last Thursday, Aaron and I ran a bunch of errands and whilst out, I picked up this red sweater with faux pearl buttons for $0.99 at Thrift Town.

It's actually a truer, darker red in person, and exactly what I've been looking for, although in pretty worn and stretched out condition. I need to take the sleeves in so it looks less frumpy.

I also picked up my first ever pair of jeggings at Ross for $11. They are so comfy and unlike the pairs I tried on at Target, I have no worry of flashing crack.

Friday was date night. We finally made it to see Gone Girl at the $4 theater inside Sunrise Mall. Well worth the wait.

For date night, I wore my new jeggings, paired with this striped, stretchy tank top from The Thrift Store (a couple bucks, I would guess) and my fuzzy cranberry-colored sweater that was a past Christmas gift from Kohl's. My red Bongo tennis shoes were free from Sears with Shop Your Way couponing.

Part of date night was a stop at The Thrift Store on Auburn. They have the best sweater selection. I picked up this pristine, Banana Republic sweater made up of a lightweight silk and cotton blend for just $2.80. The polka dots are a subtle gold color with pretty buttons that remind me of abalone shells. I'm in love. Believe it or not, it's my first polka dot sweater.

Today, I wore the sweater with a black $0.99 blouse from Thrift Town, my jeggings and the same style Bongo shoes, only this time in black. I believe I paid $5 for the shoes.


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