Thrifty Thursday: Pretty Cute Petites

This Thrifty Thursday, I'm thankful for sunshine, feeling (mostly) better and finding petites at Thrift Town.

I probably sound like a shallow Buzzfeed article, and this complaint would definitely be filed under #firstworldproblems, but as a short girl, the struggle is real.

Unless I buy petite-sized pants, my legs are going to be drowning in extra length. And finding cute, age-appropriate petite pants is not always easy.

The petite section at department stores generally caters to older ladies. So whenever I find a pair of petite pants that meet the fit, style and price categories, I practically do a happy dance in the dressing room.

These petite Style & Co. tummy-control jeans from Thrift Town hit all of the criteria, and I want to say I spent $4 on them a few years ago. These same pants were selling at Macys for an original sticker price of $50 when I bought them. Score!

Although I can wear regular-size tops, petites definitely fit better. And this polka dot blouse with tie in front is also a petite, from designer Sunny Leigh, and purchased from Thrift Town for a few bucks.

The polka-dot shoes were around $8 at Walmart, and my polka-dot sunglasses were a few bucks after SYW surprise points at Sears. 

Tomorrow (Friday, Jan. 30) is the 99 cent sweater sale at Thrift Town. Next week I'll share my finds.