Mad Men Party Ideas: Celebrate the Final Season

Mad Men is finally coming to a close. What better way to celebrate the complicated characters of Don, Peggy, Roger, Joan and Pete than with a Mad Men premiere or finale party?

Here are some ideas from my Mad Men birthday party a couple years ago:

Mad Men Yourself for your e-vite.

Ads, ads and more ads! Go with icon Sterling & Cooper accounts: Lucky Strike, Heineken, Belle Jolie and Kodak.
I also set out bestselling books from the era and put my record player front and center.

Budget-Friendly Menu
Pigs in a blanket
Deviled eggs
Chips and dip
Veggies and dip
Cheese and crackers

And, if you want to be as fabulous a host as Megan, you have to do fondue. If you want to be more like the first (well, second, technically) Mrs. Draper, set out the china.

Martinis are a must.
Sprite or 7-Up with cherries make good nonalcoholic options.
A full drink cart with ice in the bucket will really sell the experience. Check out the official Mad Men Cocktail Guide.

Charades with clues from the Mad Men era will break the ice.
A Hula Hoop or Limbo competition will get everyone laughing like they've inhaled one of Stan's herbal cigarettes ...
This 60s Slogans and Taglines quiz is a toughie, or at least it was for my friends -- before our time. (For easier play, adapt the game to play in teams.)

Photo Backdrop
Snap photos of guests against a Mad Men backdrop. A Man Men or Sterling & Cooper sign, New York buildings or the ad agency's offices will do the trick.

And don't forget, have a drink and cigarette in hand at all times. In Sacramento, you'll find a selection of classic candy cigarettes at the candy stores in Old Sacramento. I got mine at Candy Heaven.