A Perfect Thrifting Day

I had the perfect thrifting experience the other day. I walked into Thrift Town armed with $5 off a $10 purchase VIP coupon and a list in my head of the three pieces my wardrobe just wasn't complete without -- clothes that used to be staples in my wardrobe, but I had since outgrown (literally).

Upon entering the store, I quickly found one of the coveted items: a plaid school-girl type skirt. It looked to be my size, so I took it off its hanger and moved onto the racks of dresses.

There, I found a halter-top sundress, with polka dots. I don't care how many polka-dot dresses I have; it's never enough. The tag read a size too big, but the dress looked to run small, so I decided to give it a try.

On the way to the dressing room, I quickly flipped through the "finer" clothes section. My fingers paused on a pair of DKNY dark wash crop pants, not only in my size, but with a "P" next to the number, ideal for shortie like myself.

The stars aligned that day because all three items from my wish-list fit.

To top off my purchase, I added a Jodi Picoult book. With my $5 off coupon, I spent $13 total.

Top and Mary Jane heels also from Thrift Town. Outfit roughly $10.

With $10 heels from Payless and $0.99 top from Thrift Town.