How to Upcycle a TV Stand to Entryway Table

I'm the kind of gal that decorates for all the holidays and all the seasons. And in my opinion, one of the best ways to transition from winter decor to Valentine's Day decor and from Valentine's Day to Easter decor and so on through the year is with the changes to the entryway decor.

My problem, however, was that I didn't actually have an entryway table, and I wasn't going to spend money on one. Until I could find an entryway table (or something to upcycle into one) for free, I used TV trays for my entryway table. My entryway wall is so small -- about 18 inches deep and 44 inches wide -- that two TV trays filled the space nicely, but I wanted something sturdier and with shelves.

After much Craigslist hunting, I finally found a free solution that would actually fit my small entryway space: a TV entertainment center in a mid-century modern style.

When I picked it up (less than 10 minutes from my house, score!), it was an ugly brown and had a cheap backing. I popped off the nails to remove the flimsy backing, and then painted the whole thing black to upcycle the TV stand into an entryway table.

Easter Entryway Decor

As a child, Easter was my favorite holiday. I loved waking up to find a new stuffed bunny in my basket. In an era where decluttering, simplifying and purging are all the rage, I'm glad I resisted the urge to donate my stuffed bunny collection. I smile seeing them on my Easter entryway table and around my living room once a year.  

Summer Entryway Decor

My summer entryway decor includes a snow globe from our honeymoon trip to Hearst Castle, as well as sand capsule favors from the civil ceremony of my husband's longtime friend. I love these little reminders of love in my entryway. 

Halloween Entryway Decor

My Halloween entryway decor was pirate themed for 2016. The green drift wood piece is actually from an aquarium. Those are real antique books. When I decorate my upcycled TV stand entryway table, I look around the house and borrow from different rooms. 

Christmas Entryway Decor

My 2016 Christmas entryway decor table was perfect for creating a little village. (My husband snuck a Lord of the Rings character in ... nerd!) Again, I repurposed old books for decor. I use colorful ball ornaments throughout my house (in vases, hanging from doorways, on the fridge, hanging from cabinet handles) as I prefer sentimental, individual ornaments on my tree.