Halloween Decor 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- Halloween!
For 2016, our outside Halloween decor covers more ground, literally. Over the summer, my front lawn got a DIY drought tolerance makeover; we ripped out much of the grass and replaced it with bark. The new drought-friendly bark allowed us to turn the entire yard into a cemetery; two cemeteries to be exact.

Take a tour of a haunted Halloween decor.

I did a twist on my popular Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington garage. He's feeling a little red this year. I used Duck Tape and poster board (99 Cent Store FTW) that I had on hand. I plan on leaving him up through Christmas.

Our pet sematary is a nod to the Ramones and Stephen King, naturally. 
The flying Halloween monster is always a hit with the trick-or-treaters.

The pet sematary is across from the larger, human cemetery. 

Last year, I created the West Craven and Dee Dee Ramone tombstones from political yard signs

This year, I added a Jason Voorhees tombstone, made from scrap wood. 
The skeleton head in the window is just poster board and Sharpie. 
The 3-D Ghostbusters logo is even more fitting this year. 
(BTW, I laughed my butt off at the new movie and loved every minute of it. Suck it, fanboys!)
And of course, Michael Myers is our mainstay. 
People in the neighborhood literally call us, "The Michael Myers house." I think that's a good thing.

The creepy, floating head in the corner of the porch is new. We bought the mask at the 99 Cent Store last year. Aaron attached black fabric and jimmied it up in the corner with a brace contraption, which is hidden by the spider netting.

I also decorate my entryway according to every season. 

The hand is an ode to Thing. We hold The Addams Family in high regard in this house.

Happy Halloween!