Thrifty Thursday Revival: The Little Black Dress

I am a bad blogger ... in my personal life, at least. I blog professionally for a number of companies, and my clients love me. I hit my deadlines, create engaging content, and drive traffic. I write for newspapers, magazines and online publications. I ghostwrite for doctors, veterinarians and lawyers. And when the workday ends (usually sometime in the wee hours of the morning), I just don't feel like writing about myself. I'd rather binge Fargo season 2 on Hulu than make my aching hands and wrists type another word.

But I finished Fargo last night; the prescription pain pills for my arthritis and tendinitis are helping, and I did just have a birthday and score some killer thrifty deals. Plus, my friend Barry Wisdom, who passed away in September, was my biggest cheerleader for this blog; he helped me name it, and I know he'd want to me keep on writing on. And so without further pontificating, I present the revival of Thrifty Thursdays.

For my 33rd birthday, I treated myself to a new-to-me little black dress. Because in my world, you can never have too many LBDs.

I scored this $6 comfy frock from Thrift Town. I love that it washes well and hangs dry without any wrinkles. It's a little black dress that will work year-round with the addition of tights to warm my pale, white legs in colder months.

I paired the dress with No Boundaries heels from Thrift Town, Beauty and the Beast enchanted rose necklace from Etsy (And no, I have not seen the Beauty and the Beast remake. I'm curious, but not enthused, to say the least.) and resin red rose earrings.

People always ask me where I found my Beauty and the Beast enchanted rose necklace. My husband purchased it from Etsy, but unfortunately, I can't recommend the seller. The necklace broke the first time I wore it, and the seller never followed through with refunding money. Thankfully my husband was able to fix the necklace and I wear it all the time. I do, however, enthusiastically recommend the Beauty and the Beast enchanted rose wedding centerpieces from our 2007 wedding. They were a huge hit and easy to make!