Halloween Decor: 3D Ghostbusters Logo

If there's something strange, in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?


"I could make that!" It's a common utterance that either my husband or I make when browsing decor. This time, the self-assured proclamation came from my husband while we were browsing Halloween decorations at Walmart. The big-box retailer had a 3D ghost that stuck to windows with suction cups. 

My husband is a handy guy who is more than capable of designing all sorts of cool things, from crafts to furniture, but he doesn't always follow through on his many ideas. I didn't put too much stock into his claim until he bought white and red Duck Tape for the project and got right down to work.

Here's how he did it, and how you can create your own 3D Ghostbusters logo in 10 simple steps.


Soft foam (like furniture foam)
White and red duct tape
Black duct tape or black craft foam
Optional: Hot glue gun


1.) Cut a section of soft foam for your bust. We have an abundance of furniture foam on hand, picked up for free on Craigslist, so that's what Aaron used. It's also how we stuff a life-size Michael Myers.

2.) Squish the foam into the head shape you desire and then tape into place. For quality crafts, we like the name-brand, Duck Tape. For heavy-duty taping, Gorilla Tape is a super-strong beast. When you are sure your shape is perfect, you could also secure the shape with hot glue.

3.) Cut arms and fingers from the foam and tape or glue onto the ghost.  

4. Add a single layer of foam for a flatter lower body.  

5.)  Cover your Ghostbusters ghost with white duct tape. This gives your ghost a nice bright, white color and it waterproofs your project, so you can hang it outside Halloween after Halloween. 

6.) Cut cardboard into the circular outline for the "no" logo, fitted to the size of your ghost. Aaron used a cereal box.

7.) Cover the circle with red duct tape. 

8.) Measure and then cut a strip of red duct tape for the slash across the circle. Affix the red strip across the circle at an angle. Then cut another strip to place across the sticky side of the tape.

9.) Insert your ghost into the sign; make adjustments as necessary.

10.) Create the face with black duct tape or with black craft foam hot glued onto the duct tape.

You can add suction cups to hang your Ghostbusters ghost logo on a window, or you can add fishing wire and hang on a wall or a door.

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