An Ode to My New Teal Sofa

Oh new Macys sofa, how I love thee. Let me count thy ways. 

Comfort is your name with cushions so thick and full.
You brighten up the room, adding contrast to the red, black, white and grey.
Pet hair barely shows on your light Tiffany Blue shade.
And when it's time to remove the hair, a quick vacuum or sticky roll does the trick.
Your pillows stay in place with Velcro so strong the dog can never climb atop.
Your smaller arms bring more nap space to sprawl across your smooth, micro-suede seats.
And even though you arrived with spots and dirt, I didn't mind the scrubbing work.
Best of all, you cost just $40 and I sold my old, worn, pet-hair covered sofa for the same. 

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