Thrifty Thursday: Rockabilly Staples

If you snuck a look inside my closets, you'd find a lot of the same colors and prints -- blacks, reds, blues and teals, polka dots and stripes -- but one single style wouldn't be so obvious. I've got DIY punk rock tanks hanging alongside date-night blouses and character screen tees. And cardigans, so many cardigans.

I like what I like, and I'm not easily swayed by trends.

Some days I try and dress a bit more my age: blazers and blouses. And some days I really don't care if my "Muppets" Animal tank top is for a child; it's cute and I'm wearing it.

On the most consistent basis, however, I would say my style is subtle rockabilly. I'm just too low maintenance to go full on victory rolls, eyeliner and heels on a regular basis.

I'm a sneakers and flip flops girl who drools over pretty heels; I just don't love actually wearing them so much.

Finding a pair of cute heels to fit my dainty feet is always a problem. Even with heel grips, I slip right out of the backs. The toe boxes of the same heels I slip out of will rub and squeeze my toes. I just don't believe fashion should hurt so much.

(I have tried stretching out the toe boxes of a pair of heels with socks and rubbing alcohol, and I think it actually worked and is not just in my mind because I want to believe.)

On my recent shoe-shopping excursion, I was hitting store after store without luck. Then, at ATLAS Thrift in Carmichael, I found the pair that screamed my name.

Red. Polka dots. Bows. Lace. Backless.

And they fit.

At $3.99, how could I resist?

For Thrifty Thursday, I paired the heels with a 99 cent sale blouse from Thrift Town and my $11 jeggings from Ross. When it cooled off, I let my hair down and pulled on a light-weight, aqua-colored cardigan, also from a 99 cent Thrift Town sale.

It's a simple, stylish and actually comfortable look that's a staple in my wardrobe. And I put it together for under $20.