Thrifty Thursday: Casual Summer Style

Happy Thrifty Thursday!

Today's casual outfit comes from Thrift Town. If it seems like half my thrifty wardrobe hails from Thrift Town, it's probably because it does. I used to live mere minutes from the Carmichael location, so for a long time it was my first-stop, go-to store for clothes and more.

Of all the Thrift Town scores, one of my favorites has to be these cuffed, dark-wash DKNY jeans. But as much as I love the look, quality and like-new condition of the jeans, they are not forgiving to that little more to love I'm carrying around my waist.

To compensate for the tight waist-squeeze, I paired the form-fitting pants with this black flowy tank top that ties in the back, scored at a 99 cent sale. This top is all about comfort. I especially appreciate that despite the black color, it still keeps me cool, even under a hot sun.