Goodbye Halloween, Hello Christmas

You may think I'm crazy, but I've already begun Christmas shopping. The same day we put away our Halloween decorations, I started looking at Christmas decorations online.

In my old neighborhood, we had one of the best decorated houses for Halloween and Christmas. Actually, we were usually about the only house decorated for Halloween! My childhood neighborhood is far more festive, with some houses even decorating for 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Easter.

Our house totally kicked Halloween butt this year, and the neighborhood kids really loved it, which always makes me happy.

But last Christmas, I felt we were outshone by our next-door neighbors on both sides.

So this year I'm getting an early start so I can make some nearly-free decorations.

On the agenda:

Giant lollipops, like the ones from this blog. I already have most of the materials I will need.

Giant wooden star, inspired by the $5 one on this blog. I might be able to make one from our scrap wood collection as Aaron hoards wood.

And maybe, just maybe, lighted present boxes. 

My DIY decorations will add to my little splurge. At Kmart I found an inflatable decoration I just had to have. My husband agreed, and we don't usually like inflatables that much. Trim A Home Air-Blown Snowman and Dog
Normally $39.99

25% off online Xmas items + Extra 10% off Xmas items sold by Kmart + Free store pick-up

 = $26.99.

But wait!

I had a coupon for spend $30 on, get $10 back in points.

So I added 1 box of 100 ct. mini colored lights, normally $5.99, but with the two sales, $4.04.

So with tax, 1 box of lights + 1 inflatable = $33.51 and now I have $10 back to spend!

And then I used my Amazon points to buy a small Christmas present.

Christmas, let's do this!