Budget Christmas Gift Idea: Cocoa Cups

I didn't do my annual baking this past Christmas, but I was still busy in the kitchen, making cocoa cups. I bought Dixie hot beverage cups and filled each one with a baggy of Swiss Miss hot chocolate, a baggy of mini marshmallows, and three individually-wrapped caramels. I attached a peppermint candy cane to punch up the flavor and presentation. Very simple and very inexpensive.

I decided to go with the Dixie cups because they were portable, practical and affordable. I toyed with the idea of doing dollar mugs, but if my gift recipients are anything like me, they don't really need another mug taking up cupboard space. (I paid about $0.50/cup on Amazon, but later found the same 14-count package for about  $0.25/cup at Winco and Target! Target also sells a 26-count package for just $4.39.)