Outdoor Oasis, Step 1

Lying on my patio couch with a good book and an Otter Pop is one of my favorite ways to spend a summer evening.

My patio couch was a killer CL steal five years ago: $50 for the couch, two chairs and a glass-top coffee table -- and it was a gift. The cushion covers my not be my style, but the cushions themselves are oh-so-comfortable.

Each year the set has become more and more weathered. This past summer, my husband thought standing on the arm of the couch to reach something up high was a good idea.

 It was not.

And since we are moving, I agreed to let go of my beloved couch (and one of the chairs) if I could find a replacement. 

A used full-size patio couch is not easy to come by, and especially not for anywhere near what we paid for my entire set! After much CL disappointment, an idea occurred to me: A futon. I already had great cushions; I just needed a frame.

The futon needed to be a queen, solid wood, and it needed to be super cheap.

I browsed CL daily and then the ad appeared: $20 for a futon with a mattress (resell!) and it was 8 minutes away. Score!

Hellooo new patio couch!

Next step: Sand and paint.

 I'm going to paint all my patio furniture white to match my front patio bench, which was another great score. We nabbed it from someone's junk pile and my husband fixed it up and painted it white for me. I guess he did a good job with it because people are always asking us if it's for sale!