My Love Affair With Shop Your Way Rewards

Shop Your Way Rewards from Sears and its affiliated stores is my new favorite thing. I briefly mentioned it in this post, but I had only just begun to get into its awesomeness.

I am not a paid spokesperson, although I kind of feel like it with the regular freebies they offer week after week.

Now, to some people, receiving $4 (4,000 points) to spend almost weekly (in store or online) may not seem like that big of a deal. But I put that $4 to good use.

Recently, I needed to buy a baby girl shower present. After looking at the registry to see the kinds of things the parents needed, I went to work browsing Sears and Kmart.

With my first $4, I bought this Carter's kitty-face hooded towel in pink. Normally $20, on clearance for $10. With my points, I paid $6.43 after tax.

Then another 4,000 points arrived. So I got a six-pack of cute Gerber washcloths. Normally $5.49, on sale for $4.39. I used $4.10 of SYW rewards. They shipped free to my house for a grand total of $0.31!

Finally, I needed to buy a book to sign to start off baby's library. Back to Sears for "Oh Baby, The Places You'll Go." Listed at $6.99, on sale for $4.27. I used $4 in points. With tax, it was a whopping $0.29.

Regular retail total: 34.92.
Sale total: 20.06.
My price: 7.03.
Total savings: $27.89.

That total is not including what I saved on gas and shipping by ordering from my computer and having it shipped free to my home, as I currently have three months of free shipping.

I love shopping online because I'm a comparison shopper. The reviews for the washcloths on the baby registry were quite bad. The reviews of the Gerber washcloths I purchased instead were much better. 

Now, if you're like I was, and think, "But I don't shop at Sears or Kmart," you're going to start with SYW. The selection is huge, and the deals are great.

I use my points for all kinds of things. Needed a moisturizing red lipstick or colored lip balm. Got it! Absolutely love my Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Candy Apple Red. Paid $1.18 and didn't even have to leave my computer.

Sandals, nice blouse, 2-pack of shiny skinny belts in red and black, over-the-cabinet-door kitchen towel rack ... and I'm still barely paying over my free points each time. (The sandals were actually totally free.)

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