My Favorite Freebies

I am the person stores lose money on. I cash in my freebie offers and rarely spend a penny more. I'm not in for BOGOs; I want truly free stuff!

I use a secondary email address to join mailing lists from all my favorite stores.

Here are some of my favorite lists to join:

Victoria's Secret: At least twice a year, VS sends by-mail vouchers for free panties. VS also sends cards for $10 off any purchase of $10 or more. And VS rewards its paying customers, offering "secret" cards. During one of these promotions, if you spend $10, you receive a secret gift card with a value of at least $10. Some cards have values into the hundreds.

Bath & Body Works: Beyond the endless by-mail coupons they offer (spend $10, get a free item up to $12 value is one of my favorites), every once in awhile, you'll receive a freebie offer. The most recent was for a free pocket hand sanitizer. Love those things.

JCPenny: At least once a year, I get an emailed freebie offer for JCPenny. Sometimes it's $10 off any purchase of $10 or more. Sometimes it's just $5 off any purchase of $5 or more. Either way, I'm happy to cash in.

CVS: Spending money at CVS with the Extra Savings Card gets you coupon after coupon. Signing up for the ExtraCare Beauty Club gets you a free $3 to spend on your birthday, plus a ton of savings on beauty products.

Baskin Robbins: Free ice cream on your birthday. Need I say more?

Shop Your Way Rewards: As the name implies, you sign up and use your free membership to earn points on purchases from stores and brands affiliated with the program. You accumulate points to spend and also receive special discounts. But the true freebie part comes in when the company gifts you with points. Recently, I got a free, no-strings attached gift of $5.01 to spend at Sears. I added my own $5 of birthday gift money to that and bought this cute top (normally $36) on clearance. It shipped to the store for free. Sweet.