Thrifted Wedding Guest Attire

The Mission: Dress up for two family weddings on a warm April day. The first, a reception for my husband's stepsister at an LDS church, starting at 2. The second, an outdoor carnival-themed wedding for my stepsister at a vineyard, starting at 4:30 and going until about 10:30.

The Challenge: Choosing a dress that was comfortable, flattering and modest enough for the first reception without being too hot to wear in the blazing sun at 4:30. And that went with comfortable -- preferably open-toed -- shoes to give my injured toes some relief. (My right foot got into a fight with the vacuum. The vacuum won.)
The Choice: This $10 dress I picked up from Goodwill on Arden Way at Halloween time.

The Dress Problem: The dress is low-cut -- makes my chest look great, but I didn't feel comfortable showing that much skin for the occasion.

The Solution: Wear a black lacy camisole underneath and a little sweater (from Thrift Town's 99 Cent Sweater Sale) over for the first reception. Remove sweater for second wedding and keep on hand in case the evening cooled off too much.

The Shoe Problem: Can't wear any type of heels with my injured toe. Shouldn't wear enclosed flats because they also irritate the injury, although nowhere near as badly as heels.

The Solution: Stop by Goodwill on Manzanita Avenue the day before the wedding and score these dressy sandals for $5.

The Execution:
The dress moved with me and was perfect for dancing and playing games.

And for kissing-booth kisses.
The camisole blended seamlessly with the dress! Also, all weddings should have cotton candy.

The shoes had just enough cushion to keep me from noticing any foot pain until the wedding ended.

Gumballs stain the tongue. My tongue is normal, I swear.
Total: $16! ($10 thrifted dress I already had + $0.99 thrifted sweater I already had + $5 thrifted shoes. The camisole was a gift I've had for years, and the slip I wore underneath came with my leopard-print dress from Delia's.)

I failed to get a picture on my camera at the first reception because we were only there for about an hour, and I was preoccupied watching the clock so we wouldn't be late to the next wedding. We did have the photographer take a pic of us with the lovely newlyweds, so photographic proof exists that we did attend back-to-back stepsister weddings.