About Sac Thrift Chick

Hi, I'm Laura I. Winn, AKA Sac Thrift Chick, and this is my little space to blog about my thrifty lifestyle in Sacramento, California.

I'm a fan of thrift stores, Craigslist and working the coupons, sales and points at department stores. I share tips on finding great deals and show off some of my favorite thrifty fashions. I live in my childhood home and most my suburban abode is furnished and decorated by free or uber cheap Craigslist treasures. I've picked up and resold so many Craigslist items in the last 10+ years, I don't even know how to estimate the total.

I blog about the arts & culture events I attend in Sacramento and Northern California, as well as the thrifty craft projects I make for presents and decor. I love a good themed party or wedding and am really big on holidays, especially Halloween.

In my work life, I wear a lot of hats as a freelance writer. In addition to reporting on Sacramento for newspapers and magazines, I contribute to leading fashion, beauty and health websites. I also ghostwrite for professionals, such as doctors, lawyers and veterinarians.

Sac Thrift Chick covers many thrifty topics, but I promise it is not a mommy blog, and I do not share recipes for eating out of Mason jars. My dog and cat may show up in pictures from time to time.

Sac Thrift Chick is dedicated to Barry Wisdom, a great Sacramento photographer and writer, who passed away in 2016. He helped coin the blog name.

Thanks for stopping by!


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