DIY Thrifted Bride of Chucky Halloween Costumes

Hi! I'm Chucky. Wanna play!?!

For Halloween 2015, Aaron and I dressed up as the killer dolls Chucky and Tiffany.

A look into our respective closets and Halloween costume stash inspired the costumes. We already had the blue overalls from our Super Mario 3 and Princess Peach costumes, and I already had the motorcycle boots and leather jacket; Aaron gave me the jacket when we started dating over 11 years ago.

We hit up a number of Sacramento-area thrift stores on the hunt for the two key missing ensemble pieces: Chucky's striped shirt and Tiffany's bridal gown.

We found both items right away at Mary's Thrift Store in Citrus Heights, but we tempted fate and waited to buy them until we did a sweep of 3 Goodwills, 1 Eco Thrift, 1 The Thrift Store, 1 Deseret Industries and 1 Thrift Town to ensure we bought the best.

What can I say? I'm obsessive and thorough. Luckily our items were right were we left them when we returned to Mary's on the weekly half-off Wednesday sale.

My Jessica McClintock dress was $4 and Aaron's shirt was $1.50 at most. Aaron didn't want to roast on Halloween in a long-sleeved shirt.

For the final touches, I added fabric paint and Sharpie to color in some thicker stripes on his shirt and made him a "Good Guys" patch from jean scrap.

Aaron covered a pair of old Vans in red Duck Tape, and I fashioned a choker out of tights and a gemstone from my craft stash.

For the makeup: Aaron first applied mineral powder foundation to color his face more orange and doll-like and then created the signature scars. He used a red Halloween makeup crayon and then went over it with liquid bandage and clear top-coat nail polish. A dust of mineral powder over the scars reduced some of the polish shine.

My makeup was simple mineral powder foundation, heavy eyeliner and eyeshadow. I used my crayon eyeliner to really accentuate the eyebrows. For black lips I used a cranberry red lipstick combined with black shadow. You can also mix black eyeshadow and lipgloss or even mix shadow with petroleum jelly to create a black lip when you don't have black lipstick.

For the final touch, I got the Chuckey heart tattooed with Sharpie.


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