DIY Makeup, Hair Accessory and Nail Care Organization

Generally, I like to say I'm thrifty, not cheap. I am a thrifty shopper, but I don't like to buy cheap quality clothes or furniture, for example. Sometimes, when it really doesn't matter, I am just plain cheap.

When it comes to organizing my makeup, I'm cheap. I don't need my makeup organization to look nice; I just need it to be functional and portable. I don't own a lot of makeup, and I wear even less on a regular basis. My makeup organization goal was to create a simple system that would allow me to quickly grab what I needed from lightweight, portable containers.

I've always kept my makeup in a narrow, plastic drawer from an organizational desk caddy I used in elementary school. The caddy fell apart ages ago, but I've put the surviving drawers to use for the past 20 years. I used to just toss all my makeup in this little drawer, but I got sick of digging around to find what I needed. To organize my makeup, I repurposed prescription pill bottles, Crystal Light containers and my instant coffee containers. I also use coffee containers and tea boxes to organize my art supplies.

Makeup Organization:
  • Wash and dry all containers before use. 
  • Cut Crystal Light containers down to size to hold eyeliners, sharpener and eyelash curler in one container and organize makeup brushes in the second container.
  • Toss lipsticks into an instant coffee container.
  • Sort mineral powders, mascaras and tweezers into separate prescription pill bottle containers. 

I followed the same, simple organizational system for my small, hair accessories, with the addition of a small jewelry box to hold my bobby pins. (I keep my many headbands with my brushes in my bathroom vanity drawers.)

Yes, that is a Bump-It set. When I spotted it at the 99 Cent Store, I couldn't resist.

For my nail care bin (from the 99 Cent Store), I used one pill bottle to hold nail clippers and cuticle clippers and a second pill bottle to keep all the attachments and accessories to my electric nail sander/buffer in one place.

Except for the nail dryer, I don't really use my electric nail care kit that often as it doesn't work too well, but it has sentimental value as the last present my Grampa gave me for Christmas. Plus, there's a great story behind it that involves my Grampa randomly showing up at my door early in the morning and his dog peeing on my carpet.