Anniversary Celebration: Concert, Concert Tee and T-Shirt Surgery with the Mr. T Experience

In our camping chairs at CIP.

Aaron and I are celebrating our 8/11 anniversary. That's 8 years married and 11 years together. Since the two anniversaries are just days apart, it makes for an extended celebration. And don't we deserve it!

This year, our relationship anniversary fell on a Friday, and not just any Friday. It was the Friday that the Mr. T Experience played the free Concert in the Park. The Mr. T Experience is originally a Bay Area pop-punk band from the 90s that through line-up changes is now three-fourths a Sacramento band. If you heard the band, they might "kind of remind you of Green Day." But poppier, nerdier and more laser focused on songs about a girl.

I love seeing MTX in concert, and I definitely have hometown pride that they are now a Sacramento-ish band. And that my friend Bobby Jordan is in the band.

The band played a fun set featuring many fan favorites. I happily ba-ba-ba-ba-bopped along with the adoring crowd, which included my Bay Area friend Marisa. Marisa is awesome. And I'm not just saying that because she bought me the MTX shirt I really wanted. But that didn't hurt.

See, this is not just any shirt. It borrows the old school Sacramento Kings logo. And I'm an OG Kings fan, so I really just needed this shirt in my life. And it's in my favorite color.

The fit of the shirt is not really my style. I favor tank tops and loose-fitting tees. My pits gotta breathe. I knew if I didn't perform some T-shirt surgery stat, I would spend the summer sweating in it, so naturally I took the scissors to it.

Normally I would say I'm a pro at T-shirt surgery, but this fabric was not cutting the way I wanted. I wanted to create a scoop neckline, but I couldn't get an even cut on both sides of the scoop. One half would look perfect and the other would have jagged lines.

Even though I knew I shouldn't, I kept cutting to try and achieve that perfect line. It wasn't happening.

So then I decided to salvage my sanity and cut a wavy design for the neckline. The wavy design put my OCD at ease, but then the cut of the neckline was crazy low and loose at the chest.

Old T-shirt to the rescue. I repurposed fabric from a stained, white Gilmore Girls baby tee. From the back of the T-shirt, I cut a scoop below the neckline and added a wavy design at the top. Then I hand-stitched it in.

Now I have a new favorite tee.

  • Unless you sew the fabric, the fabric will roll. Always leave extra room to allow for the roll, especially when you're cutting off the hem of the shirt. 
  • Trim only a small amount from the back neckline, otherwise the shirt will not stay up. It's also best to keep your cut to more of a relaxed line rather than a true scoop on the back of the shirt. I cut just a tad off, try it on, cut some more. Over time, the shirt will stretch and the back will loosen unless you add a seam.

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