My Childhood Home, Furnished by Craigslist: The Kitchen

My kitchen is not my favorite room in the house. It's outdated. Honey-oak cabinets aren't my preference. And I could really do without the old, blue countertops. I haven't done a lot of decor-wise to the kitchen, but I have added my mark here and there.

Before we moved in, I planned where everything would go (hello, obsessive compulsive personality!) and realized right away we needed two things: a pot rack and a rectangular table. As much as I love Gramma's round/oval table, I needed a table that could sit flush with the wall to maximize the limited space. 

I found our Williams-Sonoma pot rock on Craigslist for $40. I've never been in a Williams-Sonoma, but I've visited their website, so I know a new one would cost, at the very least, $200.

My mom, being my mom, was on a Craigslist kick at the time we moved in, but knew she could not bring any more furniture home to her husband. Still, knowing we needed a different table, she couldn't resist checking out a deal on a mid-century era Copenhagen table. So she bought it and left it in our care. It's the kind that expands without needing to add any leaves. It's pretty awesome, but the top could use refinishing, and it only came with three chairs. I believe it seats 10 and cost around $50.

The red mirrors are originally from Ikea, but my mom picked them up on Craigslist years back. I bought the teal tablecloth from Anna's Linen's ($4?), got the red vases and yellow flowers from the 99 Cent Store and the mushroom salt and pepper shakers from Amazon ($7).

The shelf is special; it was my husband's first ever wood project as a kid, which he made for his mom. She's no longer with us, so it's nice to have the shelf in our kitchen. The Little Red Riding Hood tea pot was a gift from my Grampa, so it's a special piece to me.

I made the cherry-print valance from an old skirt (no-sew instructions to come). It perfectly matches my cherry-print apron that hangs across it on the side of the fridge, so you know that makes me happy.

The polka dot curtain is from the set I already had (via Craigslist). Our kitchen window is the window out to the front porch, so we doubled up the curtain for added privacy.

We also bought the fridge off Craigslist. My elephant's memory fails me on this one. I think we paid $110. It's bigger and better than our previous free fridge that we sold for about the same amount.

The only other item we bought for this house was the $5 dish drying rack.

All in all, we spent about $170 for the pot rack, fridge, table cloth, flowers, vases, salt and pepper shakers, dish rack and one small tension curtain rod.

My favorite!

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