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End of Another Venue Era: Slime Girls and The Dollyrots at Luigi's

It's always sad when an any local music venue closes in Sac, but especially when it's an all-ages one. I admit that, I, personally, was never that big of a Luigi's fan, but I appreciated it for hosting all-ages shows.

Whereas 15 years ago, Capital Garage meant the world to me, and before that kids had the Cattle Club -- or The Loft, depending on your allegiance -- today's under 21-crowd had Luigi's. Luigi's was by no means an ideal room, but it did the job, with a real stage, a not totally terribly sound system, and a dance floor that was better than what the other small-sized venues offered.

If I was 15, 16 or even 20 again, I probably would have loved the venue, and would have championed it, and then mourned its loss, in the same way I did for so many like it back in the day for the LoCal MuSac E-zine and website.

But honestly, I'm not that high-energy punk princess anymore. I'm 30, and not in the best of health. Just thinking about going to a show makes my back ache. My poor husband had to sleep most of the day just to have the physical ability to go to half the show. And that was really only because we bought advanced tickets.

But I'm so glad we did. Even if we were sitting with the youngest kids' parents, waiting for our beloved Dollyrots to play, we got to breathe in the youthful energy from the crowd -- the energy you just don't see at Old I, even when it's a Knockoffs or Brodys show and the crowd uncrosses their arms and actually starts to move around, sing along. 

We missed Shoujo Kitten and Sneeze Attack, but got to laugh at the energetic kids dancing their hearts out to Slime Girls, a band that is a rambunctious concoction of video games, anime and punk rock.

And then we got to have our own fun when The Dollyrots took the stage.

Fittingly, the last ever show at Luigi's ended with a group hug, initiated by Kelly Dollyrot.

So farewell, Luigi's. Thanks for reminding me of my youth. 

Photo by Aaron Morris
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Slime Girls

The Dollyrots

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