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Updating My Household Furniture for a Profit, Part 3

While in the middle of my master bedroom makeover, a chain of events transpired that made updating it a moot point: We are moving, and not to just to any ole place, but to my beloved childhood home.

So while the upcoming move has stopped my house redo, (it's time to pack!) I'll get to decorate a whole new house!

And I did get to (basically) finish my bedroom. I didn't have to change much in my bedroom. I love my antique dressers, so they were going nowhere. But I did need a new entertainment center to hold the TV my friend gave us.

The entertainment center I had used for about nine years didn't fit the new (used) TV. I was a little bit sentimentally attached to the entertainment center because it had been my gramma's, but it was time for something different.

I looked and looked on CL, but couldn't find anything that matched our bedroom, had the right measurements, would hold our TV, video game consoles and stereo, and was at the right low price.

I looked at entertainment centers, buffets, consoles, dressers and even at vintage record players since we were in need of a new record player.  Nothing met my needs.

Then one day I searched for "record player" again and came across this:

A vintage record player/entertainment center ... in my neighborhood and for FREE! Working condition was unknown, but at this point I didn't care.

When I was the first person to call on it and the owner said he would hold it for me, I was in disbelief. It felt too good to be true. I knew the owner could have easily sold it, working or not.

Imagine my excitement when I got it home, it fit perfectly into the open space, and it did indeed work!

(with a different TV)


It needs some stain touch up on the ends, but that's a pretty minor fix!

Next, I decided to ditch our headboard. In some ways, I really loved our headboard. It offered a lot of storage, a reading light, and it was totally free off CL.

But, every morning my cat decided he needed to roll around on it, waking us up with the lovely clinking noise of a metal ID tag against pine wood. And while kitty rolled, he shed. No matter how often I dusted, it just seemed like I couldn't keep up.

So we pushed the heavy headboard out of the room and then we had between the bed and the entertainment center. We could actually open the cupboards all the way!

Lots of storage to keep the mess out of sight!

Not wanting another deep headboard, and wanting to break up all that dark wood in the bedroom, I decided to ditch the idea of a traditional headboard.

Instead, I hung curtains.

I pulled out some old sheer blue curtains I used to have in my bedroom and plucked a white panel off each of my bedroom windows.

I was about to steam the wrinkles out and install the curtain rod when we decided to move.

So I only got as far as using pushing pins to try out different configurations.



Oh, those wrinkles bug me!

Not bad for a temporary push-pin job!

Spent $0 (free record player/entertainment center and re-purposed curtains)
Profit ($30 for entertainment center and $TBD for headboard.)


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