Updating My Household Furniture for a Profit, Part 2

I am an ad-watcher. I don't always have the money to jump on a furniture piece I want, so I watch, hoping no one else buys it. Sometimes I miss out, but many times, the price either drops drastically, or it gets posted for free, and then I snatch it up.

The latter is how I transformed my living room.

I really wanted a sectional to replace my blue recliner and red Ikea couch. Although I thought the red sofa was just the cutest thing, it wasn't that practical or comfortable.

But the pickings were slim what with my small, odd-shaped living room and even smaller budget.

So I watched and waited. Then the price on one of my possibilities dropped from $150 to $80. The ad made it clear the owner was moving and just needed it gone. I couldn't tell what it really looked like from the picture, but it was in my neighborhood, so it was at least worth a look.

In person, it wasn't all I hoped. The size and shape were perfect, but the fabric and color weren't really "me." I hemmed and hawed. We asked if he would take $50. He said, "Yes." I still wasn't sure.

And then he said, "I'll even take $40." And thems were the magic words. At $40, we could at least clean it up (it needed it!) and resell it if t didn't work out.

It worked out.

Forgot to take before pic. This old pic shows red Ikea chair, blue recliner, red Ikea sofa.

Although I'm still not crazy about the woven fabric, I do like just about everything else about the sectional. I especially like the chaise in the front of the bay window.

And I love my new living room.

It flows better. It's brighter. It's roomier. It seats more people. And it's a million times more comfortable and better suited to watching movies and kicking butt at Mario Kart.

I made $178 updating it.

I still need a coffee table/ottoman, and I'd like to make covers for the pillows that came with the couch (they are hideous and not fit for pictures), but I am content for now.

Sold: $230 (+ donated red Ikea chair to West Coast Mastiff and Large Breed Rescue who made it into a dog bed.)
Spent: $52 ($40 sectional w/chaise + $10 rug + $2 yellow and blue fake flowers + $0 free cat tower.)
Profit: $178