Final 2015 New Year's Resolutions Reflections

I had a plan. I was going to check in on my last five 2015 New Year's Resolutions right after New
Year's day 2016. But like so many winter holidays before, I got sick from all the Christmas festivities. My immune system just doesn't handle all that leaving the house. Then I spent days thinking, "I should really blog on my resolutions," followed by, "Ugh, that's too much work. A nap sounds much better."

But I'm finally well, work deadlines achieved, laundry caught up, office cleaned for the new year; I have no more excuses.

Here's my final accountability report. Look back at 1 (walk more) 2 (read more) 3-5 (blog, beautify, give more)

6. Demand more of myself professionally. I believe that I achieved this resolution in 2015, but I also know I could still demand more in 2016. And I will. It's a balancing act to fulfill the quick turnaround web work I regularly do in the fashion, beauty and health fields and still find time to do the more journalistic print work I love. I am proud that I took a risk with a new magazine and in 2015 wrote January's feature story in Sacramento Lifestyle.

7. Live more. I think that I lived more, but I also admit I am still a homebody. Highlights of my year include seeing The Sacramento Ballet's Swan Lake, catching The Ataris (finally) and taking an anniversary trip to the Sonoma-Marine Fair to see the Beach Boys. For health reasons, out-of-town trips are hard on Aaron and myself, but we sucked it up and traveled to Fresno and were able to watch our niece onstage in Cinderella, celebrate our nephew's 10th birthday and meet our newborn nephew. Although we were exhausted once home, we were glad we didn't let our health stop us from family time.

8. Study more. Man, I was killing this resolution as the start of 2015. I was memorizing capitals and geography from east to west. Every night I would play geography games and only find satisfaction from 100 percent scores. Then I did an app testing for a major game company and got hooked on popular app games I had never played. So in 2016, more study games at night, less Candy Crush.

9. Pray more. Check.

10. Romance more. Check, check.


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