Get Fit 2015 Progress

Thanks to stores filled with holiday decorations and manufactured "war on Christmas" stories already spreading around social media, I was reminded of how little time we have left in 2015. With 50 days until the new year, I realized now would be a good time to check in with my resolutions.

I think I set my sights high with 10 different resolutions, but overall, I've made progress on each one.

One of the accomplishments I'm most proud of relates to my first resolution: Walk the dog more. Although we haven't walked Gizmo five days a week, we do take her for longer and more frequent walks.

As a result of walking more, as well as exercising more in general this year, I've lost 7 pounds while gaining a little muscle.

Granted, 7 pounds isn't a big number, but I'm a small woman who wasn't medically overweight to begin with. I just have room for improvement. I have made my personal goal for the year!

In total, I'm down roughly 16 pounds from my heaviest. Self-five!

My chronic health problems combined with my back problems (including but not limited to: a spinal compression, a disc extrusion, wedging and one crooked spine) limit my actively greatly, but I've resolved (and promised my mom) to make getting orthopedic help with my back a priority.

I just finished a fitness feature for a local magazine and had to decline offers for workouts at the cool places I covered due to my back problems. But working on the story, and especially being back in a gymnastics gym, has only fueled my motivation to remedy my back and continue on my get-fit goal.

Hello, new (second-hand) skinny jeans and top!

So a striped shirt isn't the best way to show off my weight-loss, but it's my new favorite fall fashion, purchased while Halloween costume hunting. It reminds me of something my Gramma wore, but in good way. The memory just adds to its coziness.

Tan and black striped Dress Barn top with gold buttons: $4 Deseret Industries
Elle dark wash skinny jeans: $1.50 Thrift Town (half-off sale)


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