Accountability: Checking in on My New Year's Resolutions, Part 1

I don't have the best track record of keeping new year's resolutions. But really, who does?

Since we're a third way through the year, I thought I'd share my progress in an attempt to keep myself motivated and accountable.

In January, I proclaimed 2015 "the year of more," and shared 10 resolutions.  I've definitely been working to achieve that more, more, more goal, but alas, I could be doing more. (Shocker, right?)

I also need to add a goal to that list: Be a better advocate for my health and health care. This has always been a new year's resolution, but I was shy to share it. Plus, I already had a perfect list of 10, and 11 goals irks my obsessive-compulsive nature. But it's an important goal, and one I've been neglecting.

Progress on My First Five Resolutions

1. My first goal was to walk the dog five days a week. That definitely has not happened; however, I am walking more often than I did in years past. More importantly, my walks are now double to triple the distance they were at the start of January. I've built up a lot more stamina and really miss walking when I skip a few days. Walking -- rather than driving -- to pick up prescriptions or return a Redbox is becoming the norm. (I just wish I didn't sweat so much while I wait in the pharmacy line at CVS!)

Although working out more per-say wasn't a goal I put to keyboard and blog, I'm proud to say I've really kicked up my overall fitness routine. I wish I could boast that I've gone down a pant size, but that would be a lie. My efforts show more in the muscle tone I've attained from walking, stair-stepping, weight-lifting and from yoga and time on my Gazelle (purchased on Craigslist for a steal, of course).

My husband says, "You can do side-bends or sit-ups, just please don't lose that butt." I don't think we're in any danger of that. 

2. It's hard to say whether I'm reading more than before because even without a reading goal, I'm almost always in the middle of a book. I've finished 5 of my 20 or more goal, and am making slow progress in Long Walk to Freedom.

The titles I've read in bubble baths and curled up in bed way past when I should be asleep are: Life of Pi, The Pact, The Storyteller, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and Half Broke Horses. 

I watched the movies to Life of Pie and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas before the books (something I rarely do), and had not realized Pajamas was more of a children's story. I have a harder time enjoying books geared toward a younger audience. Life of Pi and The Storyteller have been my favorites. I'm a big Jodi Picoult fan and The Storyteller ranks high on the favorite's list of the dozen or so Jodi books I've devoured. I could vividly picture life at Auschwitz and physically flinched and audibly gasped as I read of the daily atrocities, and to me, that is a sign of great writing.   

3. I haven't quite blogged faithfully every week. I will try to be more resolute about updating this, even though it sometimes feels like a vanity project, and that makes me a little uncomfortable.

4. Speaking of vanity, I have been beautifying more, which in turn, boosts my mood. I even bought a serum to combat my under-eye circles, but had disastrous -- and painful -- results with the Yes to Cucumbers line. The stinging and reddened skin sucked, but I was really frustrated that I wasted a $10 Ulta coupon on the purchase. Never again will I gamble such a precious discount.

5. I give myself a big FAIL on the give more goal. But I've brainstormed ways I can contribute more to my community. Not I just need to turn those ideas into actions.

April 12 with (better) toned legs and arms