Losing Weight and Adding to My Wardrobe One Deal at a Time

Going into a thrift store and finding exactly what you wanted in your size is a pretty good feeling. You know what is an even better feeling? Going shopping and having to size down because you've lost weight!

This LBDD (little black doily dress) is proof of that. It was a pretty awesome feeling when the medium was too big and the small fit perfectly. I don't care if the sizes maybe run a little big, I'll take that as a victory, especially since I was a size down in shorts -- if only Sears had had my smaller size. I've lost about 13 pounds in a little over a year.

Paired with a yellow belt, Batman style.

Detail of dress, sans slip.
And thanks to the Shop Your Way Rewards coupons, I got the dress and two pairs of Bongo tennis shoes for about $12 total. Not bad!